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18 January 2006 @ 05:24 pm
The FAQ has been updated and reposted.

How do I Join?

Simply click this link and click "Join Community".

Do I have to "friend" this community?

No, you do not have to friend this community. However, if you would like to see the latest updates on your friends list you should "friend" the community.

I would like to use an icon in this community, can I?

Absolutely. All I ask is that you comment to that icon post and credit me.

Credit? How do I do that? Who do I credit?

You can credit someone simply by typing in their username in the keywords box after uploading an icon. Click [HERE] for a nice tutorial put together by merky.

I have you credited as starkwordz or bozcorelli, do I need to change it to _withmyradio_?

You don't HAVE to, though it would be nice :)

Do you take requests?

Sometimes. If I have enough time and patience to take some requests, I will make a post saying so. Otherwise, no.

Will you affiliate with my graphic journal?

Sure. Reply to this post with the name of your journal and I will add you to my affiliates list on my next update. But PLEASE only comment on this post. All comments on other posts will be ignored.

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